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Self-Service & Vending Machine & Kiosk

Our embedded barcode scanners are optimized for integration into OEM equipment including lab instrumentation, medical devices, kiosks, robotic systems, and a range of customer-facing applications.

By integrating or including an embedded barcode scanner or imager into your devices you can increase value, prevent the use of nonauthorized consumables, collect and expedite the input of data, and integrate your device into the IoT to allow for easier communication and tracking of data. 

With one of the largest selections of embedded barcode scan modules and barcode scan engines in the industry, our embedded barcode readers can be enclosed with plastic housing or come as a board-level solution.   We have embedded barcode readers optimized for cost and performance and we have significant experience in designing embedded barcode solutions to meet a range of OEM applications.

Give us a call to explore how our engineering group can support your project and specific requirements.

The Yokoscan fixed-mount scanners and embedded modules are compactly designed and widely used in retail applications. As contactless self-service solutions are gaining more spotlights, scanning and decoding efficiency is becoming more essential for kiosk providers.

Challenges :

High labor costs, tedious lines up, complicated shift arrangements, and messy customer experience…are all considered the culprits affecting the efficiency and even the sustainability of retail operations.


Yokoscan, with its leading barcode decoding technology, offers your business the most comprehensive solutions for self-checkout, from 1D to 2D, printed to the on-screen barcode.

The easily integrated nature greatly shortens the installation cycle which allows a quick adaption of the business to the marketplace and seizes the opportunity.

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