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Retail cashier checkout scenarios, where customers need a quick checkout payment service experience and less time in line. Stores are retaining cashiers to provide traditional checkout services in order to maintain interaction with customers, allowing them to connect more closely with the brand and the store. There are also opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling, which increases revenue. Self-checkout payment devices are also installed to improve cashier efficiency, reduce customer waiting time, and save cashier labor expenses.

At the counter service points where cashiers are retained, stores need cashier checkout payment scanning equipment that is efficient, reliable and has a good human-computer interaction experience, and will choose to arrange different types of equipment such as handheld scanners and desktop platform scanners depending on the design of the checkout counter.

At the self-service cashier checkout point, the store will arrange the self-service cashier checkout payment terminal with an integrated embedded barcode scanner.


For both counter service points and self-service checkout points, the barcode scanning devices need to be reliable, with excellent performance and good human-computer interaction experience. In response to these needs, UCL's desktop platform scanner and embedded scanner have made corresponding technical development to improve user experience. First of all, our desktop scanners are integrated with infrared sensor technology, which can accurately and effectively sense the reading and avoid accidental touching of the fill light to the user not to see. And can effectively avoid repeated code reading, barcode can be quickly swept in front of the window, can quickly capture the image, fast decoding, to bring users an extremely smooth decoding experience. When the lighting design uses a soft light design to avoid stimulation of the human eye, and when not in use, the light automatically turns off, and when used intermittently, the light is delayed off, giving users the most appropriate use experience. Meanwhile, in the decoding technology, special R&D optimization has been done for the barcode covered with water droplets after freezing, creased and bent barcode, broken barcode with complete information, small barcode on stationery rounded surface, and barcode on cell phone low brightness screen, which can smoothly identify the extremely difficult barcode in these retail scenes and bring good cashier scanning and mobile payment experience to the cashier.

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